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Welcome to I Tattoo Eyes Incorporated

Permanent Cosmetics can enhance your lifestyle!  They can give you a more youthful appearance subtracting years from your face. 

 You can get up in the mornings with a perfect look.  You never have to worry about it wearing off or smudging before the end of the day.

It’s perfect for the busy professional and the athletic type, because it is perspiration and waterproof.  Convenient for Retired travelers and is great for individuals with Allergies to Cosmetics, Sight Impairments and those who need enhancements for loss of hair from illness and/or treatments.

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  • Perfect Eyeliner
  • Great Eyebrows
  • Lips that only need a bit of gloss
  • Wear a Smile with your Permanent Cosmetics every day because you look Great!

Carefully choose your Permanent Cosmetic Artist.  Ask them how long they have studied their trade.  Find out if they attended a 2-4 week class.  NEVER let one of these individuals perform a permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure on your face!  Sadly, I have seen many mutilations resulting from improperly trained individuals who have been given a false sense of confidence by poorly trained Instructors.

If you have been unfortunate and have gotten a procedure from another place and time that does not suit you, please call me for a FREE private consultation.  I can FIX/REPAIR or REMOVE most procedures that have not been done properly.  I will charge a very minimal fee to assist you.  This is the way I protect my profession and gain a new friend!


  • Eyeliner
  • Hair-stroke eyebrows
  • Full lip colors